Sustainable landscaping is part of sustainable living in Osprey, Siesta Key, and Casey Key, FL

We are all searching for a healthier life, estate style is big yet sadly forgotten answer.

Estate style is renewable energy helping recover with balance the very core of our existence, while harmonize with nature.

Utilizing natural means verse common practice of poisonous chemically grown lawns and landscapes, responsible for killing off natural birds-butterflies and bee’s just to name a few, even risking and damaging our own health.

Our passion is to help nature while helping to re-create an organic atmosphere for us, to live free of damaging pollutants in our own personal space!


  • Live HEALTHY breath clean air, without chemicals.
  • Save resources like water and energy.
  • Enhance your living space.
  • Attract birds, butterflies and bees.
  • Create enjoinment of outdoor living space.
  • Be part of the solution no longer the problem.
  • Live with pride that you are help to restore the planet!