The history of our sustainable landscaping services in Osprey, FL

AAL by Frank Gabry in Osprey, FL is an original design concept, developed and used throughout history. Great European estate homes to medieval to farm-houses to Asian Feng Shui structures (office and work space buildings) along with homes, have all revered and utilized great Outdoor Living Space design! AAL by Frank Gabry is basically grouped perimeter buffer type plantings!

After studying Architecture in Europe, Frank came to understand outdoor living space used through-out history and how the Kings /Nobles revered building great structures, created glorious gardens to be enjoyed, and not to cover/hide buildings. While out away from structures, they planted trees, to ‘buffer’ high winds, while attracting wild life for hunting and sports.

Then in the Midwest of North America, farmers designed ‘buffers’ along outer perimeters away from Buildings,

  1. to protect the inner working space of the farm from high damaging winds
  2. in summer help create shade as soft breezes flowed through surrounding cooler trees created ‘air-conditioning’ effect.
  3. reduced damaging effects from storms & winter snow by resisting the harsh elements with outer barrier ‘buffer’ of trees and under-story plantings.

This helped save many lives, as personally witnessed here in S.W. Florida after Hurricane Charley’s path of destruction. How many places that survived due to proper trees planted in proper spaces.

In Asia, Feng Shui prevails in design practice, the outdoor living space is just as important if not more so than inside. Bulk plantings are a way from structures and planting are utilized in simple small groupings of interest when near buildings. Trees are used farther away to help capture breezes, offer shade, retain soils, all while capturing the essence of natural element. There is a harmonious bond with nature when Feng Shui is utilized, in outdoor living space. Added shrubs and ground covers create the rest of the setting, as the ‘anchor’ to the grouping. This allows for addition of textures and colors, attracting beneficial wildlife.